Jenny (dumblondairhead) wrote in thegroupvan,

The group van is alive!!!

Has anyone really looked at the group van in a long time.... wow a whole year has past...
I thought i would use this to tell everyone that im coming home the 1st of july till the 8th and I wanted to invite everyone and I do mean everyone over my house for a bonfire and hot tub party. The date is still undetermined but I'll tell everyone one I have that worked out. I hope everyones summer is going awesome and I cant wait to see all of your faces! I love you and come to the bonfire when ever it might be!
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The bonfire sounds pretty sweet! It will be good to see you even though we didn't get to see each other that much even when we were at school together...but hey, I will be back at school for RA training on August 8th so we might be able to hangout then as well :)
Wow!!! The Group Van!! I think I actually forgot about this anyhow I can't wait until you are home Jenny. The summer is just not the same without you around, so I am definitely looking forward to this bonfire at your house.