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6/26/06 11:53 am - dumblondairhead - The date and time.....

Ok everyone be at my house on July 7th (which is a friday) around 8:30 and well start the bonfire! Bring your swim suits for the hot tub and slip in slide (yes you heard me slip and slide!) If you want to bring any food your more than welcome too... none of us would turn down food.... anyways tell everyone if the dont check their LJ's! I'll probally call some people to remind them that day, but other wise i cant wait to come home and i cant wait to see you all!!!

6/23/06 01:32 pm - dumblondairhead - The group van is alive!!!

Has anyone really looked at the group van in a long time.... wow a whole year has past...
I thought i would use this to tell everyone that im coming home the 1st of july till the 8th and I wanted to invite everyone and I do mean everyone over my house for a bonfire and hot tub party. The date is still undetermined but I'll tell everyone one I have that worked out. I hope everyones summer is going awesome and I cant wait to see all of your faces! I love you and come to the bonfire when ever it might be!

7/17/05 04:22 pm - greenxwithxenvy

well, i'm bored right now so lets start to use this again.

1. where are you going to college?
2. what are you going there for (major)?
3. what career do you plan on persuing?
4. if you have an address already, include this as well, as well as any other information you'd like to share.

lets hope this works.

Community Manager.

p.s. please notice that we now have a userpic displaying (hopefully) all of us, as well as a background image on the journal.

4/3/05 03:07 pm - dangerousdonkey


1/5/05 11:28 pm - toke87 - First Post of 2005!

OK I just wanted to say that nobody has posted since last year. Have a great day everyone- look forward to next week when we don't have to come to school!!

12/30/04 12:01 am - kwikmatt78

I don't think anyone reads this, but what the heck?? LOL

Let's all be friends, ok? I think we are mature enough to stop acting like little children and become respectful adults, come on, we're going to college next year! So let's appreciate our time together and not all be back stabbers. I love all of you guys--cuz we are all friends.

12/12/04 11:20 am - dumblondairhead - great job

I would like to thank all of the people involved in the play for doing such a great job and for entertaining me countless hours. Good luck tonight and good job again!

12/9/04 11:09 pm - toke87 - Christmas; A Time of Giving

I Love Christmas. I love to spend money and buy gifts for people. Secret Santa is a good idea.

12/9/04 12:28 pm - dangerousdonkey

lol. i am going to be cool and start the new thing of not leaving a comment. it gets to confusing. just frickin post. lol. have a wonderful day friends.

11/29/04 09:21 pm - greenxwithxenvy - Hello Friends!

Hello, friends. This is Laura, and this is our community, thegroupvan. Feel welcome to use this to address anything and everything pertaining to the group. Please join!
For our first entry (and our true purpose for creating the community) we will delve into the topic of: Secret Santa.</span></p>
Directions: if you have a "secret santa" for whom you need gift ideas, make an anonymous comment here. then, friends, please reply (again, anonymously) with your suggestions for gifts.</span></p>
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